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Our mission

The Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan serves as the main link for the unification of efforts for the benefit of the development of the applied art form and the creation of a firm ground for cooperation between Tajik artisans.

The objectives of the UCT are:
– Revival and development of handicraft in the Republic of Tajikistan, strengthening of the material and technical base of the UCT;
– Assistance in creating conditions for the economic and social development of individuals or organizations involved in the development of handicrafts in the Republic of Tajikistan;
– Unification and creation of a united and solid soil of cooperation of artisans of Tajikistan;
– Training and professional development of the members of the Union in the direction of their activities with trips abroad, with the aim of increasing knowledge and skills, conducting training courses, master classes on the ground with the involvement of foreign trainers;
– Creation of an archival database of craftsmen and division into the structures of subspecies of handicrafts, directly in the regional offices of the UCT, in cooperation with the regional Hukumats and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan;
– Holding festivals, exhibitions with art products and personal exhibitions with the definition of the level and quality of products, thereby promoting the craft products of Tajikistan and promoting the sale of artisan products;
– Protection of rights and interests of artisans – members of the UCT: legal protection of artisans of the UCT, lobbying for their interests;

Revival and development 90%

Promoting the creation 80%

Unification and creation 70%

Training and promotion 75%

Creating an archive database 50%

Festivals 35%

Protection of the rights and interests of artisans 45%