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Asparmo Mavlonzoda

Asparmo Mavlonzoda

Asparmo Mavlonzoda

I was born in 1958 in Pamir. In the Rushon region of Badakhshan.

I graduated from the Pedagological University and I obtained the Honor Diploma of Culture as well as the Honor Diploma of Education and Science.

In 2003 I opened the organization “Nazira“ in my daughter’s name. She graduated university and had always dreamt to support poor and vulnerable people, but she unfortunately passed away in her early life.

I tired to fulfill my daughter’s dream by opening the NGO “Nazira”.

At the moment, we are supporting women from rural ares to developed their craft business. I started weaving in my childhood and all the skills Ihave gained I learned from my mother.

Nowadays I am very happy that my hard efforts turned fruitful and obtained the UNESCO Seal of Excellence certification.

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