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Dilmurod Sharipov

Dilmurod Sharipov

I was born in 1984 in Gissar district of Tajikistan. In 1999 i have graduated from the ART College in 2003. I am marriage and i have 3 children. Making of jewelry i feed my family because this is my source of family income.

«Making of jewelry is my main work and hobby. During the preparation of some new product i mostly will wait for the result of my work.”

The design which i have use on my folk art products comes from the nature and traditional embroidery. The origin of the designs of all my works comes from the past. Using of historical books, visiting of historical and traditional museum i will try to show my culture though my products

which i have make them by heart. In my country mostly the jewelry work is family work. If some of the family member will do this work then after him someone will definitely will continue. At the moment   I have 3 students who is learning my work. I

teach at Art College and in the College I have each 12 students. In addition, I have small child who is 7 years old and he already want to support me making drawing some designs.

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