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Gafurov Èrgashboy

Gafurov Èrgashboy

Gafurov Èrgashboy

Gafurov Èrgashboy (Istravshan). Usto Èrgashboy, produces clay toys- whistles, Adjuba. The name of the craft is- adjubasoz (from the Taj. Words ачиб- amazing, astonishing).

Until recent times, people have believed that “Adjuba” has a magic power – to rule the elements of nature for example to cause the wind or rain. For this reason, they had been given such name Adjuba – (aҷib – amazing (Taj)). In our time they are used as usual toys, or to be precise as a whistles for kids.

This craft had been pased to Usto Èrgashboy from his father Gafurov Gadoybek a holder of the title People’s Artist of the Tajikistan and grandfather Gafur Khalilov, whose works are exhibited in many ethnographic museums in the world.. In the collection of the master, which is located on the territory of his home, you can find a lot of whistles, each of which is different in size, pattern and shape, each of them has absorbed a unique piece of creatures imagination.

In the house of Usto Ergashboy you can see also a small corner where are located toys made by his ancestors. As the master admitted , in the near future he would like to open a small museum dedicated to the clay whistle – Adjuba manufactured by his grandfather, mother and father.

We were Invitated by usto Ergashboy Gafurov, after we entered to his house, he immediately seated us at the table, under which was the traditional for Tajik people oven – sandali, heated in advance by special coals and he offered us a celebratory dish that is made specifically for Nowruz – Sumanak.  During the time that we had spent in his house he with the generosity of the host showed us a large number of journals and books published in the Soviet period, which tells about his grandfather and the family craft, as well we were able to see personally whimsical whistles, which absorbed all the cultural heritage of crafts and unusual imagination of the Master.

As well Usto Èrgashboy shared with us the principles of making toys, which was quite easy, because most of the work should be done by imagination of the master, however, the process of coloring of toys has certain rules, usualy such secrets remain with the master.

Once, when Usto Ergashboy`s grandfather, Ghafoor Khalilov talked with a journalist, he was asked whether there is hidden meaning in the colors of toys, to which he replied:

I was 10 years old when I became an orphan, and Usto Hadyr took me to his apprentice. He sculpted the tandoor – oven for baking bread. I also did a lot of years tandoor, but at night I dreamed that I sculpt some strange beasts. Used to jump up at night to fashion their reality, however, did not dare. The Koran forbids to depict people and animals – because they can come to life. I was past sixty, when finally made my dragons. But when I sculpted them, I painted them red. This is wound on the body of a dragon. If he suddenly comes to life, according to the Koran, then come to life and his wounds, and then the dragon dies. But I know that my animals are not able to bring evil. I put them in my soul.

Dear reader, would like to let you know, that produced by Ergashboy Gafurov unique clay toys can find place on your table, or to become an interesting present for your friend, funny and interesting toy for your kid. The most interesting part is to color this toy with your family.

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