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Terms and procedure for admission to the membership of the UCT

To join the Union, a candidate for membership in the Union must submit the following list of documents to the Executive Directorate of the Union:
– Application for joining the Union in the name of the Chairman of the Board of the Union with the reasons for the reasons and goals of joining the Union.
– Autobiography (resume) for a private person and legal documents for the organization.
– Copies of official documents (passports, a copy of the patent, a certificate of registration).
– 2 photos (3 * 4)
– photos of works (types of crafts)
The documents are drawn up on the letterhead and are sealed with the seal of the organization, the signature of the head and are provided to the Executive Directorate of the Union.
The Board considers the applicant’s candidacy on the basis of the submitted documents and, if necessary, organizes interviews with representatives from candidate organizations, and within a period of not more than one month from the date of receipt of the documents, takes the appropriate decision.
The Executive Directorate of the UCT notifies the candidate of the decision taken and sends him confirmation of membership in the union.
The candidate must, within 7 (seven) working days after the adoption of the Board’s decision on admission to membership in the Union, make introductory and membership fees.
On the basis of the decision of the Board and the fact that the applicant pays the necessary contributions at the General Assembly of the members of the Union, a new document of the established type (Certificate) and all necessary internal documents and materials of the Union are given to the new member of the Union. The representative of the newly admitted member has all the rights belonging to a member of the Union, from the moment of issuing a confirming document for a period of one year. To continue membership, you must submit an application to the President of the Union and make a membership fee for one more year.