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LLC «Rukhom»   

LLC «Rukhom»   

Company name: LLC «Rukhom»                                         

 Product: Stones  products

Story: Rukhom means “onyx stone of rulers and leaders” that brings power, wisdom and peace. We are the national leader in manufacturing products from semi-precious stones in Tajikistan, a country where stone working is deeply rooted in its culture.

Founded in 1994, we have three workshops and provide employment to 83 skilled workers. The high quality of our products is widely recognized and stands out for its stylish design. We received numerous awards for our handmade products and participated in the EXPO 2005 in Japan.

We are well-known for our onyx, jade, lapis, and other semi-precious stones, of which we make fine jewelry or decorative home accessories. We manufacture beads from semi-precious stones as an input to other industries and specialize in mineralogical collections.

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